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Why Benzyl Benzoate is Used in Injectable Steroid Recipes?

hello, dear steroid users and seller,

you must be familiar with Benzyl Benzoate because we often use it in the recipe of injectable steroid.

For example, the recipe for deca 250:
250mg/ml – 250ml
Durabolin powder 62.5g
Grapeseed oil: 124.4ml
BA 3.75ml (3%)
BB 75ml (15%)
BB here means Benzyl Benzoate.

but do you know why it needed? and whats the advantage of using it . let me tell you

Benzyl- Benzoate is a solvent. This means solutes such as Hormone Powders dissolve easily in it, and that is the main purpose of its use in Steroids. The Benzyl Benzoate is used to dissolve and suspend the Hormone Powder. If the correct amount of this solvent is not used the Hormone powder will ‘undissolve’ from the solution causing the Steroids to ‘Crash’ (get cloudy/less effective).
Some Hormone Powder dissolve more easily than others and therefore less Benzyl Benzoate is required. The fact that varying amount of the solvent are required for the Hormone Powders is why having this page as a resource is so vital.

the following text we will discuss the use of Benzyl-Alcohol

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