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Steroid Melting Point Test Guide

Sourcing Steroid powders online is difficult for a number of reasons, but the main concern should be ensuring you receive high quality and pure products at the end of it.
We would like to show you how to test the Steroid powders you receive from us so that you have true peace of mind.
Every Steroid has a different Melt Point, and quite specific, melting point and some are even totally liquid at room temperature like Boldenone Undeclyenate (EQ).
This means that it is possible to test the purity of your Steroid powders by heating them to their expected melting point
if the product is pure it will entirely melt at this temperature. More specifically,
you are looking make sure that the powder turns into a liquid entirely, without smoke, without areas that are not melting and without areas that melt too early.

Steroid Melting Point Test Process
Because we are testing something specific, it is important to be specific.
What is meant by that is you should use a means to accurately control the temperature you are heating the product to by using an electronic Hot-Plate;
ovens do not provide any kind of meaningful result.
The temperature of an oven is constantly fluctuating and if you set the temperature at 150c
it will heat up to 160c, cool to 140c before repeating and the thermometers in ovens are often incorrect too.
We intend to see exactly how the compound reacts, how it dissolves, when it dissolves and looking into an under lit oven will not allow for this.

All you need to complete this test is the following table, a Hot-Plate and the compound in testing

1.) Place some aluminium foil on the surface of the Hot-Plate, ensure it is in contact across the entire surface.
Of this cannot be achieved use a cooking pan on top of the electronic Hot-Plate.
2.) Weigh out1g of Compound and place on the Foil/ in the Pan. Do not pile it up, you should spread it evenly.

3.) Set the Hot-Plate to the correct temperature based on the above table.

4.) Allow the appropriate temperature to be reached.

Please Note:- Accuracy is important with regards to temperature. Allow the temperature of the Hot-Plate to rise to the temperature as gradually as possible.

When the correct temperature is reached (always opt for the higher temperature it is is a range)
you will notice the powder begin to turn into a liquid. All of the powder should turn in to a liquid and should do so at a similar temperature threshold.

Trenbolone Acetate has a melting point of roughly 97c and water boils at roughly 100c.
Using the above set up in your kitchen you are able to easily accurately test the purity of this compound without the use of a Hot-Plate at all.

We received reviews from some customers,every Summer and Autumn season
about testosterone enanthate, sustanon .or Nandrolone decanoate .
as for testosterone enanthate
the low melting pointing of testosterone enanthate,it is about 34-36℃, it is summer here in China , temperature is about 28-38℃ everyday .
so the powder will melting into cream . and it freeze as rock when come into cold place
it is normal for testosterone enanthate in summer . please don’t worry , it is only change in physical form , no effect to the effect and purity of goods .
and the same goes with sustanon 250 and Nandrolone decanoate . these two goods also with low melting point and would become rock client get .

the Chemistry Dr. from factory say it is one of ingredients Testosterone Decanoate in Sustanon is of low melt point ,
it melted because of high temperature during transportation , and when come to low temperature area , it clumped up again .
Summer is coming here . the temperature is high .
and it is the same with testosterone enenthate and nandrolone deca . these two goods will also melt some in summer .
sometimes when we ship sustanon , test enenthate , nandrolone deca , we will put some ice bag in the box . sometimes for safe shipping , we don’t use ice bag .
but even it melt , it has no influence to quality . please don’t worry .
we wish establish a long lasting relationship , won’t send my clients bad powder , serious to our business and sincere to my clients

More of these melt point or DIY Methods Steroid Melting Point Test Guide will be added to the website shortly,
if you have any question , please tell us
so don’t forget to come back and check for updates.

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