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Shopping list to Make Finished Steroids

Shopping list for making injectable items
1. 1-2 gallons of distilled water.
2. Anti-bacterial dish soap
3. Acetone or isopropyl alcohol >90% purity and hydrogen peroxide
4. Benzyl benzoate
5. Benzyl alcohol
6. USP or food grade oil of your choice
7. 3ml syringes, 10ml syringes, 20-60ml syringes
8. 18g and 3cc Syringe with 25-Guage x 1 1/2″
9. 20 ml Clear Sealed Sterile Glass Vial or unsealed vials
10. If you use unsealed vials you’ll need stoppers and caps
11. Whatman Syringe Filter and Coffee Filters
12. Your hormone of choice.
13. Beakers for mixing solutions
What you need to know when making oral solutions:
Most orals will only make suspensions, not solutions. If your hormone doesn’t like to go into solution you’ll have to settle on a suspension that will need shaken before each use.


Shopping list
1. Suspension medium, ever clear or dehydrated 151 are your best, cheap, bets. Instructions for desiccating Bacardi 151 are easily found searching this forum.
2. A vial of your choice, no sterilization necessary, just be sure it’s clean.
3. Hormone of your choice.
4. Benzyl alcohol, peg400, propylene glycol, and ps80 may be necessary for some applications.
5. distilled water for some low dose items that suspend easily. (Clenbuterol for example)
If your solution crystallizes, lower the concentration or add a more powerful solvent and heat till it dissolves. If your suspension crystallizes, add a surfactant and heat till dissolved; it will form finer crystals as it cools.
Point to remember while making oral solutions, each gram of powder displaces just under 1ml of solvent.
Things to know when making oral capsules:
Making capsules properly can be just as tricky as keeping your workplace sterile for making an injectable.

Shopping list for making capsules
1. capsules, I use size ‘0’ capsules, they hold around 500mg of powder.
2. capsule making ‘machine’. I use a cap ‘em quick with the tamper.
3. Hormone or ‘active’ ingredient.
4. Filler, I like to use good ole ‘all purpose flour’ but anything of the same grain will work well
5. mortar and pestle or Tupperware container or Ziploc bag.

When making capsules it is important to get the densities of the powders you’ll be using so that you can correctly mix them.

You’ll want to fill and weigh a reasonable selection of capsules so as to get a good number for how much of each ingredient will properly fit into a single capsule. You know how much active ingredient you want to use so that and the amount of each you can fit into capsules are the constants in the ratio and the value you want to find is the amount of filler.

This is the equation you’ll want to use X=(Y*Z)/W
X is the amount of filler to be used, Y is the amount of active desired, Z is the amount of filler that will fit into a whole capsule, and W is the amount of active that will fit into a whole capsule. Then multiply X by the number of capsules you wish to make and that is the total amount of filler you will need.

To properly mix your powder and filler you should use the geometric dilution method. That is, add your active ingredient to the bag/Tupperware or mortar, then add an equal amount of the filler, after that has been thoroughly mixed, add in another portion of filler equal to the previous total and mix again, repeat until all filler has been added. This will make for the most even distribution of the active ingredient.

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