Anti-Estrogen Steroids Formestanes (Lentaron) CAS566-48-3 for Breast Cancer

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Formestane Alias:Lentaron
Formestane Synonyms:4-Hydroxyandrost-4-ene-3,17-dione
Formestane CAS NO.:566-48-3
Formestane Molecular Formula:C19H26O3
Formestane Molecular Weight:302.4126
Formestane Purity:99%
Formestane Appearance:White crystalline powder
Formestane Grade:Pharmaceutical grade
Formestane Melting Point:199-202°C

Formestanes (Lentaron) is a type I, steroidal aromatose inhibitor. It is used in the treatment of estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer in post-menopausal women.

Formestanes is often used to suppress estrogen production from prohormones. It also acts as a prohormone to 4-hydroxytestosterone, an active steroid which displays weak androgenic activity in addition to acting as a mild aromatase inhibitor.

Formestanes Features Include:
-Increases in IGF-1
-Lowers SHBG to make anabolic hormones more active and in a free state
-Increase natural Testosterone to above normal human levels and continues to work even after use has stopped.

– Lowers and Controls Estrogen and prevents the negative side effects associated with Estrogen
– Prevents Estrogen Rebound because it is a Type I aromatase Inhibitor similar to Aromasin (Exemestanes)
– Prevents conversion of Testosterone to DHT meaning it can help prevent hair loss in some cases as well as prostate issues.
-Transdermal Delivery allows for maximum absorption with zero toxicity and mess.

Average Dose And Cycle:
Aromatase Inhibition: 100-200mg/day (tra nsdermal). 150-250mg/day (oral)
Anabolic Effects : 800-1000mg/day (oral)
Average Cycle Length: 2-4 weeks

Formestanes Side Effects:
Formestanes does not cause many side effects unless abused. Sometimes bodybuilders will complain of dry joints, mood swings, libido changes, or rashes, which are typical of all AI’s. Another side effect is lower HDL (good) cholesterol, so you have to watch your diet.

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