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MK-677 is a product which acts as a potent, orally active GH secretagogue, mimicking the GH stimulating action of the endogenous hormone ghrelin.
MK-677 (Nutrobal)
MK-677 in stock
MK-677 Alias: L-163,191
MK-677 M.Wt: 624.77
MK-677 Formula: C27H36N4O5S
MK-677 Solubility: DMSO
MK-677 Purity: >99%
MK-677 Storage: at 20℃ 2 years
MK-677 Half life: 24 hours
MK-677 CAS No.: 159752-10-0
MK-677 Minimum order quantity: 10 grams.
MK-677 MP:33~36ºC
MK-677 Flash Point:479.3°C
MK-677 Boiling Point:868.9°C at 760 mmHg
MK-677 storage temp:Desiccate at RT
MK-677 Product Categories:Intermediates and Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceutical compounds;Inhibitor; Revatio Chemical Properties

Ibutamoren Mesylate Usage:
MK-677 is a medicine which acts as a potent, orally active growth hormones secretagogue, mimicking the GH stimulating action of the endogenous hormone ghrelin. It has been demonstrated to increase the release of, and produces sustained increases in plasma levels of several hormones including growth hormones and IGF-1, but without affecting cortisol levels. It is currently under development as a potential treatment for reduced levels of these hormones, such as in growth hormones deficient children or elderly adults, and human studies have shown it to increase both muscle mass and bone mineral density, making it a promising therapy for the treatment of frailty in the elderly. It also alters metabolism of body fat and so may have application in the treatment of obesity.

How to Work :
1. Growth hormones pulse intensity can be increased through 4 possible mechanisms:
2. Increasing GHRH (growth hormones releasing hormone) release.
3. Amplifying GHRH signaling in somatotrophs of the anterior pituitary gland.
4. Reducing somatostatin release (somatostatin turns off GH release).
5. Inhibiting of somatostatin receptor signaling.
6. Nutrobal (Mk-677) was found to work through all four of these mechanisms. After ingestion, Growth Hormones (GH) was shown to 7. 7. Increase dose dependently, at doses starting at 5 milligrams (mgs) a day.

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