Raw Peptides Epitalon For Sleep White Powder Epitalon Anti-Aging Polypeptide

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Product Name:Epithalon,Epitalon
CAS NO.:307297-39-8
Molecular Formular:C14H22N4O9
Molecular Weight:390.3459
Appearance:White Powder
Grade:Pharmaceutical Grade
Usage:Tetrapeptide revealing geroprotective effect.

Epitalon Application
Epitalon Can Increase Your Physical Energy And Help You Get Deeper, More Restful Sleep
Epitalon Can Extend Your Lifespan Up To 50%,To Live Without Aging And In Perfect Health
Epitalon Can Make Your Body/Joint Pains Disappear, Tighten Your Skin And Facial Features
Epitalon Can Appease Your Anxiety, Anger,Depression, Improve Libido And Your Well-Being
Epitalon Can Improve Your Intellectual Capacity,Labor, Reflexes, Nerve Functions And More

Epitalon is a protein peptide that can stimulate the body’s own natural production of telomerase within our it’s cells.By doing this, it strengthens telomeres for reproduction. Your body makes telomerase, but it needs to be stimulated with the right precursors.Over time it should lengthen the telomeres of cells and refresh your entire body.

According to scientific studies based on animal test subjects, Epithalon (also known as Epitalon) has been shown to function with telomeres, which are areas of repeating DNA sequences that function to prevent gene degradation near the end of chromosomes.
Over time, telomeres become too small and weak to contain the sequence because of cell division, and the DNA becomes disrupted, which signals the start of the aging process.Epithalon works to replenish the enzyme that allows telomeres to remain more stabilized and better equipped to hold DNA in place.

Why Can’t I Sleep?
A primary cause of insomnia is the disruption of circadian rhythms, physical, mental and behavioral changes in the body that follow an approximately 24-hour cycle.

Sleep is a process under circadian control. What the hell does that mean?

Sleep pressure (the urge to sleep you feel at the end of the day) is regulated by the circadian clock. This clock is affected by everything from the temperature to light and other cues.

In the case of sleep onset and waking, light and dark information from the environment that is detected by the eye sent to a region of the brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN).

The pineal gland starts to release melatonin when at the end of the day when light decreases. It’s the SCN that detects this decrease in light.

Melatonin interacts with its receptors MT1 and MT2 located throughout the central nervous system. The interaction reduces the firing of a subset of neurons resulting in sleep onset. Melatonin binding to the MT2 receptor maintains circadian rhythm which helps the body shift between daytime and nighttime.

Many patients with insomnia turn to melatonin receptor agonists to retrain their circadian rhythms to achieve and improve sleep. (An agonist is just a molecule or drug that binds to and activates a receptor. So melatonin itself is an agonist at the melatonin receptor – because it activates this receptor).

The first melatonin receptor agonist approved for treatment of insomnia was ramelteon (Brand name Rozerem). Ramelteon improves entrainment of circadian rhythms to a light-dark cycle with minimal side effects.

Ramelteon is taken as one 8mg dose 30 minutes before bed for chronic insomnia and enhances sleep quality. Ramelteon decreases the time it takes for patients to fall asleep (sleep initiation), the total time spent asleep, and sleep efficiency.

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